Sherbrooke matchmaker returns to the charge

instigatrice-concours-mariage-tout-inclus(Sherbrooke) The project included all of Marriage as a gift, a Benjamin Lyne initiative gains momentum. While preparations for the first couple winner progressing well, the Sherbrooke reoffend announces that next year not organizing one, not two, but three marriages all included free of charge. A second edition of the competition will be effectively organized in Sherbrooke and a first edition will be launched in Levis and Trois-Rivieres in 2017.

“Much has been made of the competition in the media and a developer of Levis approached me for that organizes the same concept in Levis and Trois-Rivieres next year. The contest will be open to all Quebecers. But it is too early to announce the call dates for applications, “says artisan of this project.

Recall that Lyne Benjamin launched in February, a call to all couples wishing to marry. After receiving a serious diagnosis, Ms. Benjamin had found his joy of living by attending many weddings. Marriages that had brought him so much happiness that she wanted to give back. Specifically for lovers who had gone through dark times and hoping now swinging back toward the light by uniting their destiny.

Nearly 300 couples had answered his call with a letter summarizing their history. Mélanie Bureau and Georges-Étienne Milot won the grand prize and will marry on 12 November. The dress, the suit, the rings are selected. Some 140 guests are expected to celebrate the wedding of the couple who lived two great mourning in its history, that of their son Alexander, who died at the age of 12, and that of the brother and friend of Melanie Georges-Etienne, Marc, died at the age of 21.

The story behind the initiative

A few months after marrying, Lyne Benjamin received in November 2014, a diagnosis that would darken his honeymoon. She was diagnosed with scleroderma accompanied by Raynaud’s phenomenon.

Following the diagnosis, Lyne Benjamin through a dark period. To boost morale, it exchanges on the web site for brides she so often consulted while she was organizing her own wedding. By dint of interacting with others, she gets invited to 15 weddings in 2015.

When these marriages, she finds hope. In the smiles and shining eyes of those who live the happiest day of their lives. A joy shared by all a loving entourage.

This is what happiness found that Ms. Benjamin wanted to give back to an unknown couple offering a free wedding all inclusive.

All inclusive is the bride’s dress and those of the bridesmaids, the groom’s suit, the photographer, the reception hall, decorations, catering, hairdressing and makeup, alliances, cake, the disc jockey. Lark. The couple had the same right to a private fire fireworks on the song of their choice.

All partners involved in organizing the wedding of Melanie Bureau and Georges-Étienne Milot are ready to embark on the adventure next year. New partners will join the project in Lévis and Trois-Rivières.

Waiting to choose the next three winning couples, Lyne Benjamin will have a busy summer as it already has a dozen weddings on the agenda.

For their part, the interested couples can start writing their letter.

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