Sheila : despite the recent disappearance of her son, she will rise on a stage in Paris – Here

Sheila has lost her son it was just over a month. It will, however, on the stage of a parisian theater in a few days to give 2 concerts. His agent explains why…

In the night of 7 to 8 July, last, the son of Sheila died at the age of 42 from an overdose of medication. This disappearance, as sudden as it is tragic, has plunged the singer into a deep despair.

Even if she had not seen for 7 years, and that her relations with him were strained, Ludovic Chancel was his only son. Overwhelmed by the pain, Sheila would have legitimately been able to cancel their professional obligations. It is not the case. Stéphane Letellier, his agent, confirmed on Friday that it would be great on stage in Paris.

Sheila is determined to protect her granddaughter, the only child of Ludovic Chancel, his son disappeared

On Wednesday 16 August Thursday 17 August next, the singer will give 2 concerts in the Alhambra. “Despite his sentence, Sheila just wants to respect its commitments, as most artists do in the worst of circumstances. Michel Serrault played in the theatre a few hours after the death of his daughter, as Serge Lama, after having lost his parents. Patrick Poivre d’arvor has desired to present his JT when he had just lost his daughter, ” explained his agent to the AFP.

Sheila explains why she has not been seen at the funeral of his son, Ludovic Chancel

“The music is the second reason to live after his son. This will be a rendezvous of love that she has a particular need with its public, ” he added to explain the motivation of its artist.

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