Shanghai GHGIS vs Henan: score prediction, preview, live streaming free

The table between the teams already an abyss, and at first glance, the chances of “Henan” virtually none. Does the team Andre Vilash-Boas will be able to confidently deal with an outsider and continue the pursuit of “Evergrand”?

Football. China. Super. 14th round. Shanghai GHGIS – Henan
June 25, 2017, 14:35 GMT

“Shanghai GHGIS”
Of Shanghai at the start of the championship confirmed his reputation as one of the best Chinese clubs and go to the second line, losing only “Evergrand” difference of four points, increased it in the last round, when the wards Boas played a draw with the “Guangzhou Fuli” (1: 1) exit. Earlier this week, “Eagles” had a complicated cup match with a representative of the Second Division – “Sudzha”, where they could only score the equalizer in the fourth minute of added and won the penalty shootout, which consisted of 29 (!!!) attacks.

“Red Devils” of Zhengzhou last championship finished in 13th place, in the same rhythm and the team spends this season. “Henan” now occupies 14 th place out of 16 possible. It is clear that talk about the stability of the results is not necessary in such a situation. In five recent matches in the asset team’s victory over the same outsider – “Yanban” draws from “Fuli” and “Shenhua”, as well as the defeat of the “Guizhou” with the “Shandong Luneng.” In the Cup to play well “devil” could not – on the road, they lost to the minimum, “Jiangsu”.

Statistics and personal meetings
“Henan” in the party scored just three points (1-0-4) in the goal difference 5: 8.

“Shanghai” is one hundred percent home record – seven wins with a total score of 24: 4.

In his field GHGIS beat this opponent all three games with a total score of 9: 0.

Of course, the cup match for “Shanghai” was not easy, but the opponent is in a similar situation. We believe that the chances of a favorable outcome of the match at the “Hebei” tend to zero. Boas team at least an order of magnitude more powerful than his opponent, and must take an eighth home win without problems.

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