Shameless Lorak in a tiny top lighted all its charms: “already fall”

Бесстыжая Лорак в крохотном топе засветила все свои прелести: "аж вываливаются"

Ani Lorak released a new candid photo to social networks

Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak is an active user of social networks. In particular, she publishes the pictures of personal and public life, and shares his thoughts. And this time, the popular singer posted a photo on his page in Instagram. This writes Politeka.

Бесстыжая Лорак в крохотном топе засветила все свои прелести: "аж вываливаются"

“Soon super premiere! #miniroses,” wrote Lorak. You can understand that we are talking about the clip for the singer’s hit “We break”.

The photograph of the singer dressed in a short skirt, black in color, as well as outright top. And polydata jacket hanging from the hands. Amid lorac country road and a black car.

Fans began to actively discuss a new picture of their idol:

Бесстыжая Лорак в крохотном топе засветила все свои прелести: "аж вываливаются"

“The sooner the better, our beloved. Righteous soul look. Karolis, I’m sure it is like an explosion: these images of such beautiful places. In anticipation, feel the hit. Happy holiday, dear. Let the Kazan mother of God protects your home and your happiness, and all the family will be healthy. Warm evenings”, “You are beautiful”, “Car cool.”

We have previously reported that the singer left daughter with ex-husband Murat.

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Former husband of Ani Lorak businessman Murat Nalchajian flew to Moscow to meet with her daughter Sonja. The singer tried to forget the past and not interfere with their communication. Photos and videos with the daughter of Murat Nalchajian published on the page.

It was reported that the images of Ani Lorak cause a lot of discussion in the networks, people share completely different opinions.

Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak, who has been living and working in Russia, often shares with followers new Instagram pictures. The actress wins fans with their images and also attracts other users who find in the exterior of the singer’s flaws.

Recall that Ani Lorak was stunned scandalous truth about the relations with Murat

And Politeka wrote that naked lorac struck by their charms in white lingerie

Also Politeka reported that shameless Lorak pulled up the jacket and trimmed the excess