Shakhtar coach Paulo Fonseca told about the relationship with Yuri Vernidub

Fonseca: I’m probably having the Vernidub every night.

Головний тренер Шахтаря Паулу Фонсека розповів про стосунки з Юрієм Вернидубом

Between the instructors of the miner and Dawn – Paulo Fonseca and Yury Vernidub not the best relations. Their Portuguese Manager commented in an interview with the program Profootball, informs Rus.Media.

“I’m not a liar and not want to deceive you. When dawn was playing with Braga, I was rooting for Braga. And that’s fine, because it’s my former team, the team from my country, where I was successful and where I have many friends. But many did not want to understand it”.

“I never talked bad about this team. On the contrary, many people asked me in Portugal and I have always said that they will be difficult. But in the next match, when they played with the Germans and had the chance of going through, I was rooting for Dawn. My wife knows, I was very upset when dawn missed and not passed on. I’m not lying”.

“Relations with Vernydub? They are not, and should not be. Funny, I probably dream about him every night. At the first opportunity he’s talking about me, I think, the first thing he does when wakes up, thinks about Paulo Fonseca. It is unreal, he played against “Dynamo” and started talking about Fonseca. There is no relationship, and I’m not going to start. Respect, but do not want to waste your time.”

“When I talked about the fact that vernydub wants to Dinamo…I think it’s evident to everyone. You see what happens after the match Dinamo and Dawn. It seems to me, stands in the tunnel vernydub enough hugs and kisses to all the workers of the Dynamo. Perhaps this happens, I haven’t seen, but I think this is so. When he plays with Dynamo, they are friends and he so beautifully tells about the residents and he is always so much bad about the miner that the tunnel after the match Zorya – Dynamo turns into the tunnel of love.”

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“Players battle with Dynamo, but I’m not talking about players, I’m talking about the actions and words of the trainer”.

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