Shaken baby syndrome: top tips on how not to harm the baby

Синдром встряхнутого ребенка: топ советов, как не навредить малышу

Novorozdennogo is a very difficult period for the child and his parents. It lasts only 28 days. But sometimes it seems that as many as 28 days. The complexity of it is that mom has little time and need to learn on the fly to determine your baby’s needs and how to meet them. Not so easy to understand what needs the child. After all, while he can’t say nothing. Why mom needs to learn to patiently observe the child and understand what’s wrong

About it writes the edition Hyser.

One of the ways of communication between mother and child is crying. It does not always indicate a problem. Up to 3 months baby may cry for no apparent reason almost three hours a day. This so-called purple crying. The period of purple crying begins after the age of two weeks, and last up to three months. Why is this called purple crying, we tell in the article on Medtrade.

Often a woman, especially a young mother, automatically feels guilty that the child cries. Moreover, the people around us, even the most intimate, may have their own ideas about life. Therefore, even from his mother be prepared to hear the question: “why is it you crying?” Always remember that the baby is crying not you, and because he has some kind of unmet need. It is also necessary to try to define. For example, he was cold, hungry, have a wet diaper or he wants to feel the warmth of your body.

First, decide what not to do if the baby cries. In any case, do not shake it, don’t clap on the back or the butt, don’t raise your voice. Any of these actions could cause internal injury, which in the literature is known as Shaken Baby Syndrome (SVR). This threat to health and life of the syndrome develops due to the fact that the child has a poorly developed neck muscles, which cannot hold the head. A concussion causes brain damage, hemorrhage in the retina of the eye. During a meltdown it is easy to damage the facial bones, ribs, clavicle and scapula.

What to do if a child is inconsolable? First, calm down yourself. To do this, read our article on

Check the diaper; wipe the skin on the priest with a cloth soaked in warm water and then wipe it dry; measure the body temperature.

Offer the baby the breast. Remember that the chest is not only a source of food. At the breast there is still a non-feature – sucking. The baby sucks at the breast to calm down.

Correctly take the kid on hands when in contact with the mother’s stomach to the stomach the baby feels the mother’s heartbeat and feels more secure.

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Talk to the baby. Not so important, what exactly you will tell him, the tone and intonation of your voice.

Turn on the white noise source – monotonic noise, resembling the sound of a running vacuum cleaner.

If necessary leave your baby only with reliable people you trust. This is necessary in order to avoid danger for the baby.

If the child refuses breast, he is constantly in a bad mood, weeping, the monotonous, the body temperature is 37,50 With the above, skin irritation, do not treat the child alone. He doesn’t need to give antiviral syrup Noferin or protivogistaminnye the drug loratadine for the advice of a neighbor or relative. Call the pediatrician.

In any case, the shaking does not solve the problem of crying, and only inflicts damage to the health of the child. Be patient. It helps to deal with complex issues and to provide your child with good care. Health to you and your children!