Shahs exposed the scheme Gontareva: “Destroyed Premium the Bank, took everything he could”

Шахов разоблачил схемы Гонтаревой: «Разрушили банк Премиум, взяли все, что можно было»

The people’s Deputy of Ukraine Serhiy Shakhov told how the previous government robbed a Bank Premium

The corresponding statement he made on air of TV channel “espresso”.

“Was robbed of the enterprise, is serious, is farming taken the land from the people. Was the banking institution that could settle to the ninth knee and now calculated. For example, the Bank “Premium”, which I know. Andriy Onistrat, who is today running. And while he ran from Gontareva and at that time raised the national loan with almost … a Phoenix, as they say. There was nothing in the Bank, he picked the Bank. Times, also destroyed it. Took everything we could get,” said Shahi.

Шахов разоблачил схемы Гонтаревой: «Разрушили банк Премиум, взяли все, что можно было»

Earlier it was reported that Valeria Gontareva was thinking about how to seek political asylum in Europe.

The former head of the National Bank of Ukraine admitted that he may seek political asylum in the UK, if Ukraine will continue to require questioning in the RRG.

This Gontareva believes that the home of her “haunted” for the reforms.

“I don’t see sense, but if you have to, of course. If our country is going to rot his reformer to pursue politically and physically, I had no choice but to ask for political asylum”, — said Gontareva to the question about the possibility of a request for political asylum in the UK.

Earlier, we wrote about the fact that the former head of the national Bank Valeria Gontareva unable to deliver power for questioning in Kiev court.

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The state Bureau of investigation of Ukraine allowed the Pechersk district court of Kiev to apply to Gontareva actuator for questioning.

We will remind, the misfortune has occurred in the family Gontareva: surfaced new details of the massacre.

As reported Politeka, Dubinsky Scam uncovered girlfriends Gontareva: pay $9 billion from their pockets.

Also Politeka wrote that Zelensky serious problems approaching the first split of the “public Servants”.