Shadow wages of Ukrainians leads to loss of huge amounts of taxes to local budgets

In Ukraine, every fourth employee receives the salary in envelope.

Тінізація оплати праці українців призводить до недоотримання величезних сум податків місцевими бюджетами

Ukraine remains a fairly high level of shadow wage is 46% of the entities that were checked for payment of wages “in envelopes”, have disorders. This was announced by the acting Deputy Chairman of the SFS of Ukraine Eugene Bambiza, reports Rus.Media.

“According to the state statistics, 8 million out of 26 million employed Ukrainians receive salaries in envelopes partially or completely. That is, the scale is highly significant,” – he stressed.

Shadow wage leads to loss of huge amounts of taxes to local budgets, the official added.

In turn, the penalty for one unregistered worker is 112 thousand hryvnias, said Bambiza.

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