Sexologists call the seven factors influencing male power

Сексологи назвали семь факторов, влияющих на мужскую силу

Increasingly, the problems with men’s health appear in young

The weakening of male power, previously thought the problem of the elderly after 60 years, in recent years younger as a phenomenon, they are increasingly faced men aged 30-40 years. About why this is so, said the doctors.

In particular, according to the doctor-sexologist, andrologist, Ekaterina Makarova, the quality of male potency has a significant influence power. The excess fat and carbohydrates in the diet contributes to failure in fat metabolism, and with it the intense accumulation of bad cholesterol.

Сексологи назвали семь факторов, влияющих на мужскую силу

Makarov noted that cholesterol is an antagonist of the male sex hormone testosterone, which is responsible for stable erection. The most dangerous food plan for men are products with TRANS fats (a lot of them, for example, in fast food) and simple carbohydrates (the main sources of starchy and sweet).

The other enemy is male potency — weight. A large amount of belly fat in men means increased content of the enzyme aromatase, which promotes the transformation of male testosterone into female hormone estrogen, causing male figure begins to gain weight in the female type, and the potency can decrease.

Add to this the fact that many modern men are “life seal” with a very low level of physical mobility. Scientists have warned that this raises the venous blood stagnation in the pelvis, increasing the risk of developing there is inflammation, including prostatitis.

In addition, the threats to the potency of Smoking and the habit of often drinking. For example, regular Smoking leads to systematic spasm of blood vessels (including vessels in the penis) that prevents the normal process of erection. Alcohol, as well as junk food contributes to the accumulation of “bad cholesterol” and reduce the intensity of the production of testosterone.

Сексологи назвали семь факторов, влияющих на мужскую силу

Nutritionist Sergey cover, in turn, noted that men can hurt and some healthy trends. In particular, men make the huge mistake of sitting on vegetarianism. The fact that organic acids contained in soy and some types of greens, hinder the absorption of zinc and selenium — minerals that are involved in the production of testosterone.

Another reason for the weakening of male power in modern society, the doctors called the fear of men to look not according to some high standards and constant doubt in their ability.

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