Sex, submission, humiliation : witness the shock of an ex-lover of Pierre Bergé and Yves Saint Laurent – Here

Fabrice Thomas was for some years both the driver and the lover of Pierre Bergé and Yves Saint Laurent. A threesome lover, which he is entrusted in a book rich in revelations.

On 12 October, Fabrice Thomas threw a pad of 329 pages in the mare. Titled Saint Laurent and moi (editions Hugo Doc), the book chronicles the ten years he spent alongside the legendary couturier and his companion, ” icons “, but also “beings very sick sexually” lance-t-il. After a first story purely physical lived with Pierre Bergé, it was spent in the arms of Yves Saint Laurent, with whom he lived officially for three years.

On the board of the canadian program, the country where he now lives, LCN, Fabrice Thomas is back on his first meeting with Pierre Bergé, when he applied to become his driver and that of the couturier. A position occupied by his own father before him.

“The key to sesame it was passing by his room of his hotel. It is not a secret. Here, he says to the journalist Denis Lévesque. Yes, [I’ve made] in conscience. I thought hard about it. I had need of security, of stability. I needed to join a group. And that was the price to pay. It flies low, but that was the price to pay “.

A job interview under very specific conditions, a harbinger of the future type of relations that would maintain the two men : “Pierre Bergé, his thing to him, it was to be surrounded by sex slaves. Point. “.

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At the beginning, Fabrice Thomas was the designated driver of Pierre Bergé and saw only very rarely Yves Saint Laurent, ” who lived a secluded life “. But especially it is the night that the businessman had need of him for the lead at dinner parties or other events a lot more intimate, which are held most often at the heart of the night : “I didn’t see [orgies], I was in the first place, his sexual object we are going to say. […] For [Bergé] I was scourged and Saint Laurent I was the lasher “.

Because if it is not crossed almost never the fashion designer, Pierre Bergé and he was “never” formally introduced, Fabrice Thomas, had in the end also have a relationship with him. It told the very beginning : “[Saint Laurent] I had much observed the same. I had a good reputation in the business. Already, to be discreet, that is a fact, and then my way of moving. I was a titi parisien, a boy of the street […] I believe that it is this side that pleased him simply. He has designated me to take him out during his nights out “.

In a relationship for years, and for a long time, Pierre Bergé and Yves Saint Laurent had the same lover, “what was the worst place, between the two” analysis today, Fabrice Thomas. At the time of their relationship, the two men were in a total war, no longer spoke to each other ” and used it so, consciously or not, their lover common to do evil, making him a victim of collateral. According to Fabrice Thomas, Yves Saint Laurent had clearly asked Pierre Bergé to be able to “have a relationship” with him.

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A story that included giving in to the sexual desires of the creator. Unlike the taste for domination of Pierre Bergé, that Fabrice Thomas had experienced, of Saint Laurent himself liked masochism, ” he says. During the three years of their liaison, the former driver, tells in his book the sessions where he was whipped “with his officer’s swagger stick bamboo favorite” the couturier who “had need to suffer to create” and was satisfied when he saw his body covered with marks and wounds.

If he has chosen to tell his story nearly twenty-five years after breaking off all contact with the two men, former lover, specifies that it is for “the relief” and not “out for revenge” that he has laid these words on the paper.

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