Sex-scandal Sedokova is gaining momentum: “Said to get out with my son and live on the street”

Интим-скандал с Седоковой набирает обороты: "Сказал выметаться с сыном и жить на улице"

Popular Ukrainian singer Anna Sedokova became the mistress of a married man

The wife of a famous Latvian basketball player Janis Timm said that the 36-year-old Ukrainian Sedokova took him from his family, reports StarHit.

The athlete, in an interview said that broke up with Sana even six months ago, and at the moment they share only a common child.

Интим-скандал с Седоковой набирает обороты: "Сказал выметаться с сыном и жить на улице"

In August 2019, multiple sources reported the novel Ukrainian singer with Latvian basketball player. Anna Sedokova has not commented on these rumors, although earlier it was stated that due to the principles of not Dating married men.

First the silence was interrupted by Janis Timm: he admitted that broke up with gengou Sanaa in the spring, and now begins a new Chapter of his life.

For lawful spouse of an athlete, this statement was a real surprise. Sana knew that Janis has a mistress, but long put up with cheating for the sake of the family. Now, however, the athlete insists on urgent divorce and trying to take away all the jointly acquired property.

Интим-скандал с Седоковой набирает обороты: "Сказал выметаться с сыном и жить на улице"

“Just found out from my husband that we broke up six months ago. I only know that six months ago he began to change me. Caring for him means to block credit card mother of his son, leaving no money, to say that you need to get out of the apartment with his son and to live on the street,” wrote the wife of a basketball player on his page in social network Instagram.

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Sana later deleted the publication and declined to comment on personal issues. Janis Timm and Sana were together for 9 years. Beloved accompanied the athlete on social events and shared the details of a happy family life. Now it turned out that the relations between spouses have long been strained.

Интим-скандал с Седоковой набирает обороты: "Сказал выметаться с сыном и жить на улице"

“Is this a slut with three kids from three different men worth it? Did you know that at the moment you’re not her only man? I loved you with all my heart, gave you a child, are forgiven for all the bad things you did, that’s what I deserve? You’ve gone too far, not respecting me, nor your son,” said the wife of an athlete.

27-year-old Janis timma is playing for the club “Khimki”. He is considered one of the most famous of its basketball players of Latvia and plays for the national team of his country.

In August 2019, the athlete caught in the lenses of the paparazzi while relaxing with Anna Sedokova in Turkey. Shortly before Janis deleted all the joint photo with wife online and took off his wedding ring.

Recall Sedokova was intrigued by the new video.

As reported Politeka, Sedokova showed their form in a compromising position.

Also Politeka wrote that Sedokova struck fans “the best” way.