Severe lack of services for men

mort-tragique-simon-simard-abattuThe region needs more than ever a shelter for men, according to Véronique Frigon, CEO of Alma Street work. The tragic death of Simon Simard, shot by police last Saturday, recalled indeed the extreme lack of services for the male, the creation of such a center in the middle hoped for several years.

“How long have the need for such a resource for men was identified. Right now, we are forced to do business with outside resources because we have nothing here. A physical location would enable people in difficulty to have a home base, a place to find answers. Yes, the Cran (services for men) does good things. But what happens is that the men return in the medium, problems in the evening. And before problems or crisis, men and women do not react the same way. For them, it is 0:15, while for women it is running out shift “, believes Ms. Frigon.


And addicts with mental health problems, there are more and more in the region. Men who can explode at any time, says Ms. Frigon.

“When a person has mental health problems and it is not followed tightly, it can quickly get out of hand. Many decide to self-medicate with drugs or something. They quickly fall into a spiral. Because unfortunately, today, drugs to date are selling at ridiculous prices and are hazardous substances, “says the director of Alma Street work.

The real needs

Hugues Boily-Maltais, communications manager at the agency Le Cran only organization in the region for men in difficulty, also believes that the need is there to create a shelter for men.

“It is indeed a project that has been clearly identified by the medium. It is spoken for some time because there are needs in this area. But obviously in a context of budgetary restrictions, there is still less room for new projects, “sighs Hugues Boily Maltese.

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