Seven years for leaving his victim for dead

interception-vehicule-vole-ottawa-permisA 38 year old man described as “the image of the tragic consequences of hard drug” gets seven years in prison for beating his roommate, leaving him for dead on 26 February.

This is the comment that has issued the judge Raymond Seguin Thursday in Gatineau, when he accepted the joint proposal of the defense and the Crown in the Gabriel Tremblay folder.

The man with a troubled past pleaded guilty to a serious matter lane leader against the roommate who became his victim.

February 26, Gabriel Tremblay, completely frosted on crack, has beaten the man who had agreed to host. The same man provided him drugs in exchange for services, said the Crown Attorney, Mr. François Santerre.

In his delirium, Tremblay could no longer hear the noise made by the other man. He beat him to the point that the victim had a punctured eye, and suffered a major head injury leaving him unconscious.

Gabriel Tremblay stole his car and fled.

The criminal said he himself approached the Ottawa police, the next day, saying he was concerned the man’s fate left without her condo Hull sector. He even claimed to have killed his victim.

significant injuries

“This is a pure miracle that the man was not dead, said the magistrate. If you had not told police he might be dead. ”

The victim with multiple fractures was found in a bloodbath, with the police and paramedics. Counsel for Tremblay, Ms. Nathalie Ferland, reported the disorder youth of his client, marked by behavior problems, sexual abuse and early drug use. “From the beginning, she said, my client told police he needed help.”

Before the events of February, the Montfort Hospital in Ottawa had agreed to release him since he behaved rather well, as part of his psychiatric treatment.

The “noise” arise in his mind when consuming drugs and alcohol.

“I hurt this man said, emotional, Gabriel Tremblay. I would not have stayed there. ”

The victim had to sell his cottage and condo for security reasons, following the events. He says live in insecurity and fear of falling face to face with her attacker. He had a punctured eye, and was disfigured. It may be prohibited to drive, because of its reduced visibility.

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