Seven of the most mystical places in Ukraine

Find out what places are better to be avoided, or which are worth a visit if you love to tickle your nerves.

Сім наймістичніших місць в Україні

Everywhere there are lots of places where strange things happen that scare people. They cannot be explained through science or logic, so they sidestep, informs Rus.Media.

Vinnytsia psychiatric hospital

Сім наймістичніших місць в Україні

Horrible place. The history of this hospital, which appeared in the late 19th century in the winery, filled with terrible stories and events.

The most terrible are the methods that are trying to treat patients. From such treatment the mortality rate among patients was just amazing. In the Soviet occupation here were people who did not please the government. Above them performed horrible experiments.

The prison on lontskoho

Сім наймістичніших місць в Україні

It is now a Museum-memorial of victims of occupation regimes, but in the 20th century it was a prison of the Polish, Soviet and Nazi regime. Things that happened here even to describe difficult. Despite the lack of legends about this place, is very uncomfortable there.

A cemetery with a vampire

Сім наймістичніших місць в Україні

This old cemetery in Ivano-Frankivsk is a real Mecca for lovers of vampires. In 1974, in Ivano-Frankivsk found with strange bite marks on his neck. Legend has it that there once was buried a vampire. His grave has decided to survive a war with a flamethrower. Then the strange deaths stopped immediately.

Green theatre

Сім наймістичніших місць в Україні

The place is swarming with legends and attracts lovers of the paranormal. The green theatre is a huge building with underground passages and tunnels in the mountain. Are stories that the green house is the centre of the underground utilities since the founding of Kiev.

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Talk about women’s monastery, which was excommunicated from the Church, because there are happening terrible things. There is also a view that here loved to walk Bulgakov. During the construction of a theatre nearby was a cemetery of suicides and dead babies, in Soviet times, the criminals left the bodies of the dead.

Hitler’s Headquarters “Werwolf”

Сім наймістичніших місць в Україні This rate in Vinnytsia region Adolf Hitler was a reduced copy of the main headquarters “Wolfsan” in East Prussia. Built a complex of 5,000 Soviet prisoners of war and were all killed. Under mysterious circumstances, was killed by German engineers that built a bet – their plane exploded in the air.

According to scientists, Hitler consulted 400 magicians, psychics and astrologists from the Institute of occult Sciences in Berlin, when choosing a place to bet. Researchers of paranormal phenomena do not advise to visit this area, as it emits a deadly aura.

The valley of ghosts

Сім наймістичніших місць в Україні

Demergy mountain studded with inclusions of solid rock, which caused a strange structure: the valley of ghosts consists of a large number of natural sculptures that resemble people, animals and chimeras.

In addition, people here are often victims of hallucinations through growing here plants, which release substances that cause a temporary mental disorder. The researchers of the paranormal claim that the Valley of ghosts is an abnormal area. Here often meet psychics and other proponents of esoteric teachings.

Glade Grooves

Сім наймістичніших місць в Україні

At night, the meadow strange lights and then the sky rises bright beam of light. People who come here start to feel even worse, and during a thunderstorm the meadow literally attracts lightning that had killed many people. In the meadow the archaeologists also discovered an ancient temple.

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