Seven dental problems which urgently need to go to the dentist

Семь проблем с зубами, из-за которых нужно срочно идти к стоматологу

Do not delay with the visit to the doctor, otherwise you risk to remain without teeth

Sharp tooth pain can be immediately changed our plans to make major adjustments to the budget. Worth waiting for the tooth loss, and contact your doctor when you can still change the situation.

Bleeding gums

Maybe you go too hard the brush. If the brush is of medium hardness or soft injure the gums, that they are inflamed. Often the gums become inflamed due to improper care of the oral cavity. Inflammation may be acute, with the appearance of numerous superficial ulcers on oral mucosa and the gums hurt.

Семь проблем с зубами, из-за которых нужно срочно идти к стоматологу


Cleaning three times a day, chewing gum, rinses and other delights not help… And will not help if you formed a serious layer of Tartar, or tooth, is inflamed and suppurate slowly.

Between the teeth food gets stuck


Looks like a little teeth left due to gum disease or bone tissue. It is unsafe, because the teeth may eventually become loose, which threatens their loss. Front root this may and stay in their positions, but in a very short time to move ahead that does not look very aesthetically pleasing.

Having malocclusion

You close your mouth and the upper teeth do not fall on the bottom. A dangerous signal, because such a pattern arises due to the displacement of the teeth, imminent loss, if you have experience something similar we suggest to get emergency dental services.

Gums separating from the teeth

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Is this: painful inflammation of the gums, and you sigh with relief: “Well, without the doctor!”. And then notice that the teeth become longer. Is the fabric the edges of the gums atrophied and slightly behind the surface of the tooth. Gums an urgent need to treat to remove plaque and Tartar, but not with a brush, and with the dentist.

Cyst on the gums

A language of palpable painful swelling on the gums — cyst. It may occur for several hours due to tooth trauma or due to the fact that the gums have gotten infected. Basically, a cyst is an abscess, if left untreated, pus may enter the bloodstream and spread throughout the body.

Семь проблем с зубами, из-за которых нужно срочно идти к стоматологу

Frequent diseases of a nasopharynx

This is a direct signal that it was time to the visit the general dentistry in aspendale. The reason ARI permanent can disappear in inflammation of the tooth, where the infection spreads along the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx.

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