Seven cases nuts can be hazardous to health

Семь случаев, когда орехи могут быть опасными для здоровья

Nuts are an essential item in healthy food and source of vegetable protein and beneficial unsaturated fats

You can use them as a snack between meals, added to meals or to prepare a vegetable milk. But not all nuts, and not everyone can have.

With increased allergenicity

Anyway, any nuts — solid allergens. And if you have a tendency to the manifestation of such a reaction, then refrain from their use, but not all. The response to each kind of plant may be different. If you are allergic to almonds, it does not mean that walnuts will cause the same action of the body.

Nuts with a dash of pesticides

Of course, the nuts grown in normal conditions no pesticides no. Provided that you collect them. The manufacturer need to release the kernel from the shell, keeping the appearance of the product, store to not be attacked by insects and transported in normal form, it uses chemicals.

Семь случаев, когда орехи могут быть опасными для здоровья

Insects and bacteria

Nuts needed and it is important to wash. Buying shelled kernels on the market are not flown on them once, but be sure to wash under running water. Where, when and in what conditions it was mined, cleaned and stored nuts, you don’t know. Therefore securing themselves from possible poisoning. The nuts can easily breed bacteria and insects that you won’t even see.

Defective product

The core of any kind of nut should be free of damage and rot defects. Pay no attention to that when selecting a product.Spoiled nuts toxins accumulate, they can easily cause poisoning of the body. The reaction can even occur from one bad nut.

Семь случаев, когда орехи могут быть опасными для здоровья

Bitter almond

Almonds, due to its taste, one of the most popular and favorite types of nuts. With its useful properties is not worth arguing, but be aware of the danger is important. If almonds are a little bitter, so it has a toxic component, amygdalin. Once this compound gets into our body, it turns to poison, so be careful when choosing almonds, a focus not only on its appearance but also taste.

Nuts from mold

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If the manufacturer is not fully processed nuts chemical substances, the probability of mold on them in storage increases significantly. The mold acts as a provocateur for the emergence of more dangerous compounds — toxic, which cause poisoning of the body, with a long recovery process.

Fried nuts

From raw nuts, and even processed correctly, you will get a lot more useful than fried. In the thermal processing of nutrients all types of nuts lose their healthy properties. Besides, fried kernel is much more difficult perceived the digestive system. The process of digestion may be delayed, or stall, causing a feeling of heaviness.

When choosing nuts always pay attention to their appearance and method of storage, do not take a “pig in a poke.” Definitely my nuts. It will make the product easier to digest, zamachivat nucleus in pure water, so the nuts open, give its useful properties and do not go dormant in your intestines.

Previously, we reported that much more at risk of developing depression people whose diet consists of fatty and sweet food than lovers of healthy nutrition. To such conclusion the international group of scientists from the UK, Spain and Australia.

Scientists analyzed the diet of nearly 33 thousand people from five different countries, to establish a link between fast food and depression. A diet of junk food researchers call “inflammatory”. When fed mostly fatty and sugary foods in the body may experience systemic inflammation not only affects the intestine but also on the entire body. “Inflammatory” molecules can affect sections of the brain responsible for a person’s mood.

The researchers argue that an unbalanced diet may not just enhance the depression or accelerate its development, but also become the root cause of the disease. According to scientists, to protect themselves from one of the most common mental illness will help the Mediterranean diet: fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts.

Recall, as are fruits and berries without harm to health.

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