Sesame oil for skin: the estheticians called 4 magic properties

Кунжутное масло для кожи: косметологи назвали 4 волшебных свойства

Sesame oil works wonders with the skin, from the deep wrinkles tightening and ending with scars

French beauticians believe that sesame oil is a very valuable product for our skin. And here are four reasons to believe these words.

Anti-aging agent. Sesame oil contains a substance called sesamol, which works wonders in preventing the formation of deep lines and wrinkles on the skin. Along with vitamin E, sesamol helps to protect the skin from free radicals responsible for premature aging. It is also a very effective healing agent that reduces the level of pigmentation and scarring.

Кунжутное масло для кожи: косметологи назвали 4 волшебных свойства

Cleaner. Sesame oil helps to get rid of toxins and harmful substances that enter the skin from the atmosphere. By cleaning all these dirty tricks the skin looks healthier, it does not contain toxins. Sesame oil is a natural purifier that provides natural glow of the skin.

Humidifier. Sesame oil contains vitamin E and other important fatty acids like linoleic, stearic and palmitic, which are excellent moisturizer that helps to preserve the freshness, softness and youthfulness of the skin. Add in sesame oil a few drops of sandalwood or rosemary oil to make this moisturizer even more impressive.

Protection from the sun. Sesame oil is a natural sunscreen due to vitamin E being an antioxidant. It limits the extent of the damage caused by the sun. Add a few drops of sesame oil on your palm and massage into the skin before going outdoors in Sunny weather.

We will add, earlier we wrote about coconut oil for hair and how to properly use.

Кунжутное масло для кожи: косметологи назвали 4 волшебных свойства

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