Service operations that must be implemented before the onset of winter

Filters, fluids, lubricants,… we recall that we need to check in your car to feel safe.

Сервісні операції, які потрібно здійснити перед початком зими


Sandals not run in the snow. But what to bring: wheel Assembly or just the tires? The studs or “Velcro”? When to change?

If you take just the tires, you save on buying discs, but work on the tire will cost more. It’s not just unscrewed one and put another wheel need to ressortiront, to remove from the rim summer tires, mount the winter, to pump, balance and only after that to install on the car. In addition, the mounting-Dismounting twice a year does not enhance the bead of the tire, because they provide the tightness of the fit to the rim, and they determine how well the tire will hold the pressure. Therefore, the presence of winter and summer sets of tires on the rims looks better, though more expensive. In favor of this decision said another factor: for winter wheels you can take the disks of smaller diameter and install them on the tires with a high profile for more comfort, informs Rus.Media.

When choosing the actual tires better and easier to navigate on the recommendations of the automaker. For example, at Nissan dealerships select tire for all parameters according to the requirements of the manufacturer for each model. The client only needs to decide whether to get studded or “Velcro”.


It affects your safety in the winter. If no tires for the season you risk to get in an accident, without a good battery you aren’t going anywhere. Check the battery before imnm season – needs surgery. Battery, which had served faithfully all summer at one point, could not provide the start-up fully functional, but cold. As a rule, the need for replacement occurs after five years of use. And the other battery is seven years. But to check its capacity before winter – is never superfluous.

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Choosing the right engine oil, you can become an expert! It would be good to understand viscosity classification SAE is the abbreviation for Community of automotive engineers (founded by Henry Ford), does not prevent to get acquainted with the API classification system for engine oils (API Engine Service Classification System). However, the optimal solution which will save a lot of time – trust the manufacturer, read the manual of your own car. Win – win situation- you go to the dealer. In this case the minimum risk to buy low-quality oil. Besides, don’t have to bother searching the lift or pit, it is not necessary to look for the pots, where it would be possible to drain used.

Brake pads

After the active summer season it is advisable to check the condition of the pads. In the summer and higher speed, and braking harder, more wear pads respectively. And ahead of winter: you must be confident in the brakes.

Technical liquids

The obvious thing that every car owner thinks: all the liquid poured into the machine, should not only be sufficient, but should retain the physico-chemical properties. For example, the moisture content of brake fluid must not exceed 3.5%, otherwise it can form in the tube system of the steam or, conversely, to fall in the form of ice crystals, paralyzing its work. With an excess of water in the antifreeze it also can freeze and break the engine block or the radiator cooling.

Air and cabin filters

The car survived the summer – the most zaporosheny time of the year. Are you ready to carry on and every day a bunch of filtered allergens? The question is rhetorical – the answer is obvious.

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In the winter it gets dark early. But your car should be visible to all and always: working turn signals, Parking lights, headlights take on the role of the security features.

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