Servants of the people record raised the fines for that will have to pay a fortune

Слуги народа рекордно подняли штрафы: за что придется выложить целое состояние

Parliament increased the fines for Ukrainians

People’s deputies adopted the bill No. 1047 to increase the penalties for overloaded trucks in the amount of from 500 to 2000 tax-free minimum.

“For” voted 331 MP.

The document proposes to allow on auto-commit violations associated with exceeding weight or size limits, as well as accrual of penalties for such violations.

Слуги народа рекордно подняли штрафы: за что придется выложить целое состояние

The bill provides that for exceeding the established by the legislation of the size and weight standards 5% to 10% in the carriage of goods without authorization shall be imposed a fine of 500 non-taxable minimum incomes of citizens; from 10% to 20% — a penalty of 1000 non-taxable minimum; more than 20% a fine of 2000 untaxed minimum incomes of citizens.

The right implementation of dimensional and weight control shall have a “Ukrtransleasing”.

Administrative responsibility for violations in excess of the dimensions and weights according to the bill, will carry a physical person or legal entity who has registered the vehicle.

It is expected that the fines will be credited to the state Road Fund.

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The authors of the bill emphasize that 97% of roads have lost load-bearing capacity, the road surface is deformed and destroyed, and artificial constructions are in emergency condition. At the same time, an increasing number of trucks transports violation of the weight limitations.

At the same time, according to the authors of the bill, which are now on balance “Ukrtransstroi” 34 portable weight complex allow to test only 272 thousand cars per year, which is less than 1% of all heavy vehicles.

Слуги народа рекордно подняли штрафы: за что придется выложить целое состояние

“The introduction of auto-commit of violations, will improve the control level, calculation of traffic movements and will have a positive impact on ensuring road safety and the safety of roads”, — stated in the explanatory note to the draft law.

We will remind, at Zelensky are going to reduce taxes to the Ukrainians, this has not happened.

As reported Politeka, representatives of IT-business responded to the new tax.

Also Politeka wrote that the Prime Minister Goncharuk blew for the attack on the Ukrainians, already boiling.