“Servant of the people” radutsky explained the correspondence in the hall of Parliament: all details and videos

"Слуга народа" Радуцкий объяснил переписку в зале Рады: все подробности и видео

MP from the party “servant of the people”, the founder of the clinic “Boris” and freelance Advisor of the President of Ukraine Mykhailo radutsky responded to the publication of his correspondence in the messenger about the candidate on a post of the head of the Ministry of health

Radutsky regrets that its correspondence with the use of profanity caught the eye of the public. It is reported by Ukrainian Pravda.

“I’m ashamed of the words, not the letters, because it’s my personal correspondence with personal friend of mine. Within three days 24 hours a day, I accused half of the country that I support the appointment of Uliana Suprun. I’m a completely different person. I wrote about it, but in the form in which the question was asked,” he admitted.

Michael radutsky said: “Such words in public – it’s just impossible, but it’s my personal correspondence and not with the leader of the party, not with the head of the state, and a personal friend of mine. He asked in such a tone – I like that answer. Accept that you have to hold back today because I can already see that personal I have nothing left”.

“As a person to Ms. Uliana Suprun always treated with great respect. In correspondence about Suprun was discussed. About Chernenko – Yes, it really is our candidate we will nominate. Accusing me that I was lobbying Suprun, I say, no, my man, Ms. Chernenko. Although she already divorced (with the newly made people’s Deputy Oleksandr Chernenko – ed.) and changed his name,” concluded the people’s Deputy.

"Слуга народа" Радуцкий объяснил переписку в зале Рады: все подробности и видео

Earlier it was reported that the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky made a powerful speech before the new Verkhovna Rada. From the podium Zelensky said that critically assesses his first 100 days as President of Ukraine.

“Recently, it has been 100 days of my term. This period can be called a quiet stroll in the twilight, with the lights off and at low speed. It’s true. I am sure that the country will finally be able to turn on a fifth speed and to move confidently on the path of change. I am very glad that we have a Parliament that is truly ready to work. Not to engage in populism, not to fill up important decisions in the thousands of meaningless amendments, and to implement real reforms, which are tired of waiting for citizens of Ukraine and the entire civilized world.”, – admitted Vladimir Zelensky

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