“Servant of the people” advertise “Komolot”

"Слуга народа" рекламирует "Космолот"

The 10th number in the list of the party “servant of the People”, the Ukrainian athlete Jean Beleniuk together with singer Paul Zibrova starred in the promotional video online-lottery “Komolot”

30-second video spread on the Internet over the last few weeks. In advertising Beleniuk and Zibrov in the images of the main characters of the movie “Men in black” talk about the benefits of “Cosmolite”, writes “Obozrevatel”.

"Слуга народа" рекламирует "Космолот"

"Слуга народа" рекламирует "Космолот"

Recently Jean Beleniuk also starred in a campaign video Nikolay Tishchenko – a candidate from the “public Servants” in one of Kyiv districts.

As reported, “Komolot” in early July, went to the lottery operator “M. S. L.”. 99.96% of shares of “M. S. L.” belong to the Cyprus Evolot Limited, the remaining company President George Lozhenko.

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Company is associated with people’s deputies of the Parliament of the eighth convocation Vitaliy Khomutynnik and Sergey Pashinsky. Also the owner of the shares of “M. S. L” Getmanceva called Daniel, who is now an adviser Zelensky on tax policy.

In July 2019 “M. S. L.” registered in the Ministry of Finance state lottery “Lotto PLUS”, which will distribute the network “Komolot”.