Servant of the people admitted that the Parliament is ready to exchange: Zelensky will be unhappy

Слуга народа признался, на что готов променять Раду: Зеленский будет недоволен

The people’s Deputy from “public Servants” Jean Beleniuk admitted that maybe the time to leave from the Supreme Council for sport

As reports “Today”, a famous Ukrainian athlete told about how hard it is to combine training and work in the Parliament. It got to the point that one day Beleniuk even fell asleep at the meeting.

In this regard, the athlete does not exclude the fact that maybe the time to quit the Parliament for the preparations for the Olympic games to be held in next year.

“If we talk about the combination of work in the Verkhovna Rada and training, it is still not easy. It is that we have been in the morning and evening session, and at me on a nose the championship. I had to train between sessions. But the meetings we have every day, because in the future I will be able to combine sports and politics,” said Beleniuk.

Слуга народа признался, на что готов променять Раду: Зеленский будет недоволен

He is confident that in the future it will be easier, because the workload in the Parliament will be held.

The athlete emphasizes that his main goal are the Olympic games, therefore, if confronted with the choice between them and the Parliament, he will choose the Olympics. Beleniuk added that his colleagues know about it.

We will remind, earlier in the Internet appeared the video, as the MP from the faction “people’s Servant” Jean Beleniuk fell asleep in the hall.

This was reported by journalist Alexander Goncharov in Facebook.

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“What do you dream, Jean Beleniuk?”, he said.

Слуга народа признался, на что готов променять Раду: Зеленский будет недоволен

Published footage shows that Beleniuk Napping in the session hall of the Verkhovna Rada, resting her head on the table.

Later, the journalists said that the MP still “woke up” to vote. Then again, “lay down” to rest. This was the reason for bright reviews from users.

“Athletes know that sleep is good for health”, “what is wrong? He mode”, “lawmaking?”, — they write.

We will remind, the well-known MP smeared his opponent, Zelensky will be happy.

As reported Politeka, Beleniuk was stunned by the statement after his triumph.

Also Politeka wrote that Beleniuk triumphantly completed the world Cup, having established a unique achievement.