Serious disease, which can prevent the changes on the face

It is important to closely monitor any changes that occur to the body.

Серйозні захворювання, про які можуть попередити зміни на обличчі

When it comes to truly serious diseases, the most important thing – not to lose time, and to identify the disease at an early stage. To do this, it is important to monitor closely any changes taking place with the body and in time to see a doctor. Fortunately, many serious illnesses in the beginning is always a sign that is easy to spot – if you know where to look, informs Rus.Media.

Heart attack

Small yellow bumps around the eyes may signal high cholesterol, which in turn can lead to heart attack or cardiovascular diseases. Don’t waste time, do an EKG and see a cardiologist.


No one has a perfectly symmetric individuals – except in the paintings of artists. But in most cases the asymmetry is not evident. But if suddenly you notice that you or a loved one face was less symmetrical if one half of it seems frozen or just more dull facial expression – to seek medical attention immediately. It can be a symptom of diseases of the nervous system and even stroke.

Diseases of the endocrine system

The “extra” facial hair is not just a reason to go to the beautician or a specialist in hair removal. Often facial hair in women begin to grow rapidly when disturbed hormonal balance – often in hirsutism or the polycystic ovary syndrome. Consult your endocrinologist, most likely, it will be efficient and useful.


On this serious disease can prevent mesh of wrinkles that suddenly appeared on her face. Suddenly discovered wrinkles can be a symptom of another diseases of endocrine system, hypothyroidism, insufficient thyroid hormone. Refer to the endocrinologist and check the level of sugar in the blood – just in case.

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“Aristocratic” pallor – perhaps it is beautiful, but you should consult a doctor to check hemoglobin levels, if your familiar face color closer to white. This may be a sign of anemia, along with a constant feeling of fatigue, weakness and increased fatigue.


A very serious disease in which a person during sleep breathing stops 10 seconds or more. Associated symptoms – severe snoring, feeling tired in the morning, headaches. And yet – strange as it would have “skewed” the chin, reduce the size of the neck and jaw. If you notice something similar in yourself or your loved ones, contact your doctor, sleep apnea is a deadly disease!

Autoimmune diseases

About them could signal rash of red, which appear on the face. So, if the rash tight and itchy, this may indicate celiac disease, a disease in which the body does not digest gluten. But red rash in the shape of a butterfly that appeared on my cheeks, can prevent lupus.

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