Serhiy Rybalka is covering his tracks gosizmeny blind lawyers, media

Сергей Рыбалка заметает следы госизмены слепыми адвокатами, - СМИ

Serhiy Rybalka, owner of snack Corporation S. Group, the SBU and the GPU is suspected of doing business on the territory of the occupied Donbas and annexed Crimea

As reported Know.Yua, odious millionaire MP from the Radical party Sergey Rybalka decided to use the victory of Vladimir Zelensky, clearing the “karma” of his criminal business from the occupied Russian territories of Ukraine.

About it writes portal Forum.

Serhiy Rybalka, owner of snack Corporation S. Group, the SBU and the GPU is suspected of doing business on the territory of the occupied Donbas and annexed Crimea, and treason. In the fall of 2017 top managers of the Corporation were behind bars, on suspicion of financing of terrorism. The Fishing saved from prison parliamentary immunity.

After the presidential election, the MP decided to take advantage of the inexperience behind-the-scenes parliamentary intrigues of Vladimir Zelensky. Hastily Fishing has created and led another inter-factional Association of decomposing fractions BPP, the “popular front”, the “Opposition bloc” and the “Will of the people” with the cynical name of “Independence and development” by publicly proposing a new young President support.

“Members of the “Independence and development” together will be to prepare for new parliamentary and local elections, and will assist the newly elected President Vladimir Zelensky to gain political experience. People never forgave the government corruption and imitation of reforms. In terms of the change of government, the Verkhovna Rada should not be passive. And if the new President has no experience and a clear program, we’ll help him,” said Fishing.

The main intrigue of the day – what say “see! Team”, not in need of advice and congratulations from the enemies of Ukraine, suspected of treason, a politician-businessman. Moreover, criminal cases are investigated and top-managers of enterprises, the family holding Fishing await the courts. By the way, is to pay tribute, MP is making every effort possible to delay the trials of the heads of departments S. Group, which implemented a criminal scheme to deliver products to ORDA and the Crimea.

In March 2018 completed the investigation of criminal offenses head of the Dnipropetrovsk “SNACK-EXPORT” Denis Probata, which became the main organizer of the illegal trade channel with the subsequent payment of taxes to the terrorists. However, the case before the trial has still not reached. Each time, a few days prior to the expiration of acquaintance of lawyers with the materials of the investigation (and they are suspect as many as five), Probashi change one of them to the new, not only unfamiliar with the case, but also physically blind defender.

July 27, 2018, the attorney-client command was introduced visually impaired 1st group Sergey Kirichenko, who, until April 2019, the daily studied no more than 30 pages, consisting of 14 volumes of the criminal case with the help of the reader.

“And already on April 12, when till the end of time familiarize a blind lawyer Kirichenko was only one day, Probashi changed one familiar with the business seeing a lawyer on another blind colleague, Vladislav Rokický. At the moment it showed the slightest interest in “reading” criminal records,” reports “Sumy news portal”.

Of course, the prosecution does not leave without reaction the ropes tightening process and the attempts of the accused from responsibility. Complaints directed to the Qualification and disciplinary Commission of the bar Association of Kiev and the Dnieper and the National Association of advocates of Ukraine. But can there “see” the abuses of their colleagues is likely to depend on how “blind” adulation Fishing will be Vladimir Zelensky.