Sergey Shakhov said that has changed in the Donbas after the victory Zelensky: “There is a purpose and desire to live”

Сергей Шахов рассказал, что изменилось на Донбассе после победы Зеленского: "Есть цель и желание жить»

MP Serhiy Shakhov (political force “Our land”) described how the mood is faring in the occupied territory of Donbass after the victory in the presidential election of Vladimir Zelensky

This MP told the TV channel ZIK.

“This is Ukrainian territory, and people now consider themselves to be Ukrainians. They are the majority. And even more of them now, because they see how changed is now the situation there. Although there are energy sources cheaper than here, but there is a zone of dying. For example, diffusion from a cadaveric poison spreading on the porch, people may not know who died, who — no, a lot of suicides, there are no jobs, the infrastructure is destroyed”, — said Sergey Shakhov.

Сергей Шахов рассказал, что изменилось на Донбассе после победы Зеленского: "Есть цель и желание жить»

He also said that now most expect the inhabitants of the occupied territories of Ukraine.

“Lifted the mood in the presidential election. The previous command for five years… was disconnecting people. People have the goal and desire to live. It became such a Thing … now that the President Zelensky has included all the levers, opened the transition Happiness, built a bridge in Stanichno-Lugansk region, discovered gold, mountain, in order to relieve the Stanichno-Luhansk district. And then even more confidence, things can change. The main thing is to talk with people, whom, indeed, no one today says,” said Shahi.

We will remind, earlier people’s Deputy from the political party “Our land” Sergey Shakhov in the air of the great political adrenaline-show “Confrontation” with Vasily Golovanov and Diana Panchenko on the channel Newsone. Beliefs of the MP, the issue of language in Ukraine will not solve the problems with emigration of young people abroad, and also with the prices of utility bills and public transport.

“Just recently, I moved from Russian to Ukrainian language. How many languages you know so many times you people. Now my children are fluent in the Ukrainian language. Not for the sake of their children, not for the fact that I am a civil servant, MP, I learned the Ukrainian language. Although my mother gave birth in a Soviet hospital, and my whole family spoke in Russian. I don’t speak Ukrainian at all,” — says Sergey Shakhov.

We will remind, people’s Deputy Serhiy Shakhov compared lifting the moratorium on land sales with the disaster.

As reported Politeka, Sergei Shakhov said about the Church situation in Ukraine: “Not eligible”.

Also Politeka wrote that Sergey Shakhov organized an unforgettable surprise for the children from the Donbass.