Sergei Shakhov: Can one stroke of the pen solve the problem of tariffs in Ukraine

Сергей Шахов: Можно одним росчерком пера решить проблему тарифов в Украине

Sergey Shakhov said on the TV channel direct that in Ukraine, in his opinion, is not carried out properly nor deoligarchization and deregulation — the government just do not

This writes Рoliteka with a link to a Youtube video of the broadcast. However, the politician believes that the Cabinet is able to cope with no less urgent for Ukraine and important issues, literally with the stroke of a pen:

“Problems of deoligarchization and deregulation I can not see here. …The stroke of a pen can solve the problem of tariffs in the country, and Rotterdam, and the importation of coal, and reduction of electricity, gas…”.

Сергей Шахов: Можно одним росчерком пера решить проблему тарифов в Украине

Sergey Shakhov convinced that the government should take on more productive work – it’s his best:

“Everything can be solved with the stroke of a pen of the Cabinet without a Parliament”.

Recall also the people’s Deputy Sergey Shakhov directly addressed the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky. The corresponding statement and a video message posted on the page in Facebook the people’s Deputy.

Sergey Shakhov asks the President to personally and immediately intervene in the crisis situation that has developed in the KPVV in Stanichno-Lugansk the area.

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“We are talking about a real genocide of the Ukrainian people! 14,000 people every day at 11:00 am standing here in the line and in the heat, in the cold and pouring rain. When you came to visit in Luhansk region, showed you beautiful “Potemkin village” with no queues and waste, without robbery and smuggling at the crossing. Without drowning in the filth of the toilets, which cost in the region of 20,000,000 UAH. You were brought here Sunday, when the KPVV almost no people! In fact, there is a real murder our people! “—said the MP.

“Five years I fought against designed from the top governors who shamelessly plundered the region. Fought against the local administration — the Chairman of Stanichno-the Lugansk area Zolkin, which you were giving out medals, here does not even appear. I will also fight against the current Governor, if he doesn’t start to work for the people. Many times I raised this problem in Parliament and in dozens of visits to former President Poroshenko, in the Cabinet and in the Lugansk state administration. But I have not heard ” — said the MP.

We will remind, Sergey Shakhov stated that the Cabinet needs to fix three critical errors Groisman.

As reported Politeka, Serhiy Shakhov will make the power work: the details of historical events.

Also Politeka wrote that Sergey Shakhov put forward five requirements of the new Parliament.