Sentsov beat Putin managed to take… It’s a big puncture Russia

Сенцов переиграл Путина: удалось вывезти... Это большой прокол России

Oleg Sentsov told about a large puncture of the Russian special services

Such a statement he made at a press conference in Kiev, September 10.

The Ukrainian Director said that while in prison in Russia, has completed several literary works and a script. All it had written off 15 notebooks

“It’s not thoughts, it’s not water, or what is the specific things. Finished the script, finished books, complete collections of short stories. This manuscript, which need to work on. It’s not something… I here something do not do so. I’m doing something specific,” said Sentsov.

Сенцов переиграл Путина: удалось вывезти... Это большой прокол России

He added that writing he was not banned, didn’t interfere.

“As soon as the hunger strike began on the third day I realized that I wanted… That is something to write, thoughts come and I began to keep a diary… I don’t know what will happen, how long it will last, 10 days, 15, 20, how it will be. And wrote everything that happened. Some memories, thoughts, stream,” — said Sentsov.

“I didn’t take it from me, you won’t. I took a big risk, you can pick up at any time. Well, I see that I write something. And I have a very bad handwriting, and I tried to write even worse. Well, it is impossible to read what is written there. Searched me every day. All looked well something is written, it is unclear” — said Sentsov.

The diary he wrote 45 days.

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Сенцов переиграл Путина: удалось вывезти... Это большой прокол России

“I wrote not knowing what will happen to me, not knowing what will happen next and will see if this diary once light. Well, I was hoping that once it comes. And I have taken it. This is a big fail of all services of Russia. A big Hello to the guys,” concluded Sentsov.

Recall, Sentsov said, go into politics.

As reported Politeka, Sentsov said about returning to the Crimea, a very strong statement: “only tanks”.

Also Politeka wrote that the Ukrainian touched photo Sentsov at large: another man, so did not see him.