Semyon Slepakov in verse called Olga Buzova stupid

Comedian Simon Slepakov dedicated poems famous leading scandalous TV project “Dom-2” Olga Buzova. But in his work the former Kapitan KVN team “Team of Pyatigorsk” publicly insulted the presenter, calling her a fool with a terrible figure.

Recently Olga Buzova adverted Instagram Seeds Slepakova. The TV host posted in his Instagram a photo from the filming of the show “Where is the logic?” in the comments reported that the comedian is also registered in the social network, giving a link to his account.

Simon quickly responded to note the leading “House-2” and wrote on his page, some comments are now writing him fans Olga.
“Yesterday was photographed with Olga Buzova, and she pointed me in your instagram. On my account, immediately began to sign up people. A wrote: Simon! You can see how much you have new subscribers? This is because you said Buzova! You know what happened in your life?!?! Do you realize the extent of his luck? Understand. Realize,” wrote in his post artist.
Also Slepakov composed stihotvorenie in which told, what major changes have occurred in his life, after he noted in his microblog Buzova. And at the end of the verse he insulted his “benefactor”, criticizing her appearance and mental ability.
“I am grateful Buzova,
But all-taki Olga – stupid
And it’s terrible
Hair, face and figure,” he wrote.

However, the comedian immediately justified insults, explaining that he wrote it all just for hype and attract attention.
“For the sharpness I’m sorry, Olga,
I wanted to attract attention,
To be noted
In your awesome instagram
And you’re a beautiful woman,
And your hairdo in order,
All this for hype
HYIP only for the sake of”, – said in conclusion of the poem Simon.
But the helpful users of social networks immediately noticed that Slepakov edited his work. He removed the last two lines, which calls Buzova a woman of easy virtue, and removing a verse, where it is predicted that after such a controversial star from him, I will unsubscribe all of his real fans.
“Where the last line works? And, by the way, for the sake of it – you look like whores!)) – the best line erased”, “Sam, put the line in the verse , I will unsubscribe from you fans your … ostanutsja only fans Buzova only one. And you’ll be forced to sing songs about love and to put on display all the two halves )))”, – immediately after editing the poem was written by the users.
Note that, although the work of comedian is a comic character, it still caused mixed reactions from fans of the presenter. Some followers had a good laugh over the poem Seeds, while others lashed out at him with reproaches for what he “trashed” their favorite.

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