Self Mayor Paul Sarrazin vandalized

capot-avant-sa-voiture-peinture(Sainte-Cecile-de-Milton) The mayor of Sainte-Cecile-de-Milton, Paul Sarrazin, was victim of vandalism at his home on the night of 25 June. The door to the garage at his home and the front hood of his car were damaged by what appears to be a chemical. “There are some who say that this is oil to break that could do that,” advance the elect. For the mayor, there is no doubt that the harm linked to its function. It is the municipality to pay for the repairs, he believes.

“It’s just normal! With $ 18,000 compensation to St. Cecilia, if we start paying our paint repairs worse all that, one time … “outraged the mayor, who believes that elected officials are” easy prey ” . “Me, I think it should be the citizens who pay somewhere. I do not make money with this, we agree! Whether I pay or citizens is unacceptable. We will never endorse these ways to do there, “he said.

When The Voice of the East met him at his home on Monday, Paul Sarrazin intended to expose the issue at the council meeting that same evening. “The next move is going to be what? One time you get picked up four flat tires, one time there’s something else, a mechanical failure … It’ll go where? “Is he worried.

The same modus operandi

The mischief was committed on the night of June 25 to 26, the evening festivities of St. John in Sainte-Cуcile-de-Milton. “Does that’s made for the feast of Saint John or at night? I can not know, I’m realize it on Sunday morning when I went outside to get my newspaper, “recounts Paul Sarrazin, who initially thought to deal with bird droppings.

On the front hood of his car, the puffy paint forms a curve. “It gives the impression that the person arrived with a bottle and launched a jet,” says the mayor. The droplets that have damaged his garage door is actually continuing on the ground in a trail that leads to the car. Paul Sarrazin assess the damage at nearly $ 2,500. “They need to remove the hood, one must sandblaster it, paint it,” he said, pointing the hood. “The fence was hit, too, must be changed because it does not repair,” he whispers, discouraged.

This is not the first time that such vandalism are perpetrated in personal property of the elect of St. Cecilia Milton. The former mayor of Sainte-Cecile, Sylvain Beaudoin, had experienced similar problems, as some councilors who have been the target of hate graffiti against them, says Paul Sarrazin. “It’s been since I posted that nothing has happened in the municipality. One can almost speak of four years, “he calculates.

The specific case of the CEO of the City could possibly be linked to the June 25th event, since the latter vehicle had been damaged in the same way as Mr. Sarrazin. “When the agent came, he did not want to recognize that it was the same modus operandi that had been used previously,” noted the mayor. The case was assigned to the SQ investigators.

Targeted offense?

For his part, Paul Sarrazin dismisses the hypothesis of a crime committed “just for doing something wrong” as last spring, while cars that were unlocked had been vandalized. It leans more towards a targeted act, based on the absence of damage to the car of his wife, parked right next to his. “I have no proof, but why someone would do that bad here like this? If that’s not it (an act of vandalism targeted), it’s a funny coincidence! “He insinuated. No sign of either ruckus in the neighborhood.

The thief is someone he knows, believes Paul Sarrazin, since he knows where elected live and what car he drives (a brand sedan Infiniti QX50). However, it is easy to find the address of mayor in Canada411 phone book, available online.

As for the reasons that have pushed the thug to damage property of Paul Sarrazin, it has no head on the track. “As elected officials, we making decisions and is challenged on all sorts of things. But is that there are elements that should currently an elected whatsoever or assaulted in Sainte-Cecile? Rather, I think the municipality has never been in such an enviable position, “he suggests.

At the council meeting, the mayor planned to remind people that there are other ways to express themselves in a democracy. “We must distinguish between the elected and Paul Sarrazin, the person. I think there are appropriate places to come and claim to speak. It advances what, it (harm)? Absolutely nothing. It just creates inconvenience, “he points out.

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