Selena Gomez worries about Justin Bieber wedding

Селена Гомес переживает из-за свадьбы Джастина Бибера

While some say that Selena Gomez (Selena Gomez) feels happy and ready to work on yourself, others argue that it is not the whole truth. As it turned out, she still remembers of Justin Bieber (Justin Bieber) and all related aspects. This is natural, because he is her first great love.

“If something happens, Selena will be the first to write a message to him. For him, it will always have a place in the heart” — said a source close to the singer.

The wedding of Justin and Hayley Baldwin (Hailey Baldwin) was for Selena’s surprise, she felt that all this was going. The reason for the resentment and sadness was different: despite their quarrels with Justin, Selena liked him and wanted to be his bride, and now it turns out that he’s marrying someone else.

“About the wedding of Justin like Selena mixed feelings. Some days she thinks that closed down a Chapter associated with it, and live happily ever after, while others worried that nothing can be done,” said a friend of Gomez.

And, speaking of friends. Now they are trying to act as a “matchmaker” to find Selene a decent guy, but the singer does not want to hear about a new relationship. Recently she attributed the novel with Caleb Stevens(Caleb Stevens), but it was not confirmed.

“Selena is a big romantic. She likes the feeling of love, but now she’s not ready to rush back into a relationship,” continued the friend.

Well, only the fans are happy that Selena came out of the depression, as it became clear that she was still sad. And how to solve this problem, nobody knows.

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