Selena Gomez : her ex Zedd confides in the hell of their relationship – Here

There are many suitors who would like to take the place of the singer The Weeknd from the beautiful Selena Gomez. Those who returned home, as his ex Zedd, testimony… and proves that this is not just a part of the fun.

Before live on a small cloud with singer The Weeknd, Selena Gomez has known love in the arms of the famous DJ Zedd. Still unknown at the time of her romance with the singer, the German musician of Russian origin has been entrusted by the Billboard magazine that this had not been so zen out with it.

The reason for this ? The fame of this last one, we could say it like that, had a little guest in the couple to the point of radically changing the daily.

Selena Gomez : serene and fulfilled, she confides about her love affair with The Weeknd

The young man, now 27 years old, was aware that he didn’t go out with anonymous. “I knew sort of where I was stepping. It is one of the personalities we are talking about the most in the world “, he said before adding that he did not, however, imagined that the celebrity could generate. “I was not aware that it would change at this point in my life “, he as well told.

In order to prove that his life with Selena Gomez was not a paradise, Zedd gave a few concrete examples. “Journalists harassed my parents. People pirataient the phones of my friends, ” he recounted.

“I was angry “, he commented. Lack of bowl ! Even if it is separated from Selena Gomez, Zedd is famous today for his turn. Definitely !

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