Seductive star “Tanzu s with a stars” boasted a perfect body: “not a drop of embarrassment”

Соблазнительная звезда "Танців з зірками" похвасталась идеальным телом: "Ни капли смущения"

Anna Rizatdinova shared with their fans outright with the “Dances with a stars h”

Famous Ukrainian gymnast not seldom indulges his fans with new images. Writes Politeka, this time the girl on his page on Instargram decided to show seductive pictures after the performance on show “Dances with stars z”.

Соблазнительная звезда "Танців з зірками" похвасталась идеальным телом: "Ни капли смущения"

So, the girl posing in your dress-the chameleon green color. Her look is completed with carefully collected in tail hair and bright makeup. It is worth saying that for the picture Anna chose a very seductive pose. Many fans expressed their admiration for the beauty of the gymnasts.

Соблазнительная звезда "Танців з зірками" похвасталась идеальным телом: "Ни капли смущения"

Earlier it was reported that Anna Rizatdinova shared with her fans the secret of how she managed to lose 15 kg. the Girl got them during pregnancy. She also shared all the details of a child’s upbringing.

Losing weight helped her sport, particularly yoga. Anna said that I could get in shape just three months after giving birth. According to the participants “dance”, she is constantly in motion, and it helps her stay slim and toned.

“As before, I love sports. Now, however, in the first place — family. I spend master classes in rhythmic gymnastics in different countries. To work with children, to share their experiences, to support young athletes on their arduous journey — all of it brings me incredible pleasure,” admitted Anna.

Anna noted that gets a lot of pleasure from communication and of spending time together with his son Roman. “I stick to a certain routine, and my son too. Sleep, proper nutrition, employment … That at this rate the baby is growing healthy and calm,” — said the gymnast.

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We will remind, the Ukrainian star was injured: participation in “dancing with the stars” is under threat.

Also Politeka wrote that the party “Dancing with the stars” made a loud statement after the injury.

As Politeka reported that the participant of “Dancing with the stars” revealed their beauty secrets.