Sedokova told about his greatest love: “strings are torn between us”

Седокова рассказала о своей самой большой любви: "ниточки рвутся между нами"

One of the most seductive member of the ex-VIA Gra Anna Sedokova shared with fans of his sorrow

Yes, she published a post, oddly enough, in which not all throws off her charms. This time the singer decided to recall his daughter Monica, who lives with her father in America.

As you know, the lawyers for ex-husband Maxim Chernyavskiy insisted on the deprivation of the singer of parental rights, but the former beloved has managed to agree on joint custody. Sedokova may also see the successor only during the holidays.

“The money issue is one of the main before the court. And the first one I was ready to cancel the contract. But now there is no Maximus in front of me any financial obligations. He should not pay child support, which previously was about 200 thousand rubles per month”, — explained the artist.

Седокова рассказала о своей самой большой любви: "ниточки рвутся между нами"

Now Anna, a businessman and his grandmother made up. Accepting the situation, Sedokova is trying to find new ways of communicating with her daughter, which her separate. The singer flies to Monica, but then she had to leave two other children in Russia, and little Hector is two and the boy needs a mother. The actress worries that her children are close to chat, share pictures and videos.

“I feel some strings are torn between us and Monica. On the phone it is difficult to talk for every day. A child can devote you as much time on the phone: he has his own life, fun, friends”, — said the singer.

Sedokova doesn’t know how to explain to the girl that mom would like to chat with her every day. On the phone difficult to Express emotions.

“Recently, Monica said, “Mom, if you could move in with us, dad can’t, and you?” Say: “Daughter, how well I move, what I’m going to live, how to earn?” Very difficult when Monica sometimes there are small problems in school. To swear at her on the phone is meaningless when you have 40 minutes talking, spend half an hour swearing and upbringing do not want. Let Monica with me will be fun, carefree. She so rarely sees me,” — said the artist.

Седокова рассказала о своей самой большой любви: "ниточки рвутся между нами"

In order to talk to my daughter Sedokova can get up very early or not to go to three hours a night. Summer’s mom is hoping to catch up and spend time with girl more time.

“I hope that the main thread between mother and daughter to break is impossible,” said singer.

In may Sedokova spent 10 days together with their three children in Turkey. Anna was happy to bring the family together each morning to hear the kind words from Monica. In the future, she plans to go on holiday with the heirs.

“I opened my eyes for the morning and the first thing I heard: “Mommy, I love you so much!” This is so touching. That’s the most important thing in life”, — said the singer in an interview with Woman’s Day.

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