Sedokova in short the top boasted of “pride”: “How do you cope…”

Седокова в коротком топе похвасталась «гордостью»: «Как вы справляетесь…»

Ukrainian singer Anna Sedokova boasted luxurious Breasts and talked about “major pain” in life

She announced this on his page in Instagram.

“What to do if you have no luck, but you really want it. How do you cope with this global problem? I first want to unsubscribe from all the truckers with their “what’s good”, she said.

On the published picture that accompanied the post, Sedokova posing with dreadlocks and a short top that bared her “the pride”. It caused heated discussions by the users.

Седокова в коротком топе похвасталась «гордостью»: «Как вы справляетесь…»

“My favorite”, “Beautiful love”, “cool photo”, “pretty”, “wow, gorgeous”, “amazing girl”, “you’ve looked better. And now just chilling,” they write.

As you know, just a few days ago, Anna, has unveiled its new candid video with a rating of “for adults”. In her new video work was filmed BDSM Orgy, a murder while Anna herself posing bound in a leather mask.

But this time the singer showed his image, which came to the Russian ceremony Muz.

Friends , we didn’t take the prize this year.( Thanks for the support! Thank you for all these years. Will work. Will create in the future . Will do. Thank you @alanbadoev for #shantaram Soon #to agemate and ahead of a lot of things. Different. I congratulate all on a holiday ! @buzova86 with your energy , it is infinite! I’m flying to the kid with the temperature (( Because I’m a mom and this is most important. Thank you. Everything will be! Just need to work even harder! Love ❤ it’s amazing, ” wrote Anna.

Netizens did not remain indifferent: “You are the best and need no plates to know it ❤ it’s amazing”, “Congratulations!!! ❤ This”, “how much DiCaprio Oscar waited, still waited💖😉”, “do You see how Sedokova stopped my hair eyes mother Yegor creed 🙆🏼♀️🙆🏼♀️😱😱😱”, “Anh, you are very kind and cool woman! And the most important reward is your children ❤ I ❤ I ❤ this”, “the Sisterhood is a Holy❤ I love you We cheeeeeeese❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ baby let recovering 😁 ❤ my butt”, “Anna, sorry I didn’t win. Where is the justice? You are a very classy woman. And you really deserved to win❤it’s amazing”.

Седокова в коротком топе похвасталась «гордостью»: «Как вы справляетесь…»

Recall Sedokova was intrigued by the new video.

As reported Politeka, Sedokova showed their form in a compromising position.

Also Politeka wrote that Sedokova struck fans “the best” way.