Sedokova has tight fitting latex and made an intimate evening with the girls, “God, you’re a mother…”

Седокова обтянулась латексом и устроила интимный вечер с девушками: "Боже, ты же мать..."

The famous Ukrainian singer Anna Sedokova, who now lives and works in Russia, can not live a day without new pictures and videos

The singer tries to ignore the criticism of detractors in the network and continues to share candid photos and videos. So, this time on his page in social network Instagram the actress, who previously showed that came to the concert “no panties” video in the social network, published a photo, which appeared in an unusual way.

Седокова обтянулась латексом и устроила интимный вечер с девушками: "Боже, ты же мать..."

The fact that Anna this time put up a photo, which posed without clothes in a provocative pose. This photo shoot was very important for Sedokova. After all, she starred in “super-secret”, according to her, the cover for the legendary magazine PLAYBOY.

So, 36-year-old singer already for the third time becomes the covergirl erotic publications. She first graced the cover of Playboy at the beginning of his solo career in 2006 when she was 23 years old. The second cover with Sedokova was released in 2013.

Anna said that candid photos always evoke divided opinion, some screaming about chastity and pulls out a cross and garlic to protect tape their husbands, others see the beauty and aesthetics. It’s really true. Star says that this is her third cover for 13 years with the magazine, but the last turned out the best.

Седокова обтянулась латексом и устроила интимный вечер с девушками: "Боже, ты же мать..."

Anna has also previously confessed that one problem she really is — and this is cellulite. Anna also said that is why she is ashamed to wear a mini and not fully satisfied how it looks.

“Last night I wrote one very cool girl and super-artist with the words “Fuck you. Don’t read what you write ! You have the figure of my dreams. Although after the birth of her third child I have recovered and if my volumes and my weight suits me, it is quite treacherous on my feet there was this stupid cellulite,” wrote Sedokova.

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Recall Sedokova was intrigued by the new video.

As reported Politeka, Sedokova showed their form in a compromising position.

Also Politeka wrote that Sedokova struck fans “the best” way.