Security forces brutally cracked down on the “Maidan” in Georgia: “armored vehicles and endless shooting” footage of the massacre

Силовики жестоко расправились с «майданом» в Грузии: «бронетехника и бесконечная стрельба», кадры побоища

In Georgia on the morning of 21 June, the police completed an operation to disperse the protest, which began on the eve at 19:00 on Rustaveli Avenue in Tbilisi

A few hours, there were clashes of protesters and security forces. Police used tear gas, rubber bullets and detained several demonstrators, according to the Georgian service of “Radio Liberty”.

In social networks wrote that the shots sounded unceasingly.

It is noted that the group of protesters stopped near the building of Tbilisi state University, Chavchavadze Avenue.

The traffic in the Rustaveli Avenue was restored, the city cleared the area of debris.

Силовики жестоко расправились с «майданом» в Грузии: «бронетехника и бесконечная стрельба», кадры побоища

Special forces unit back to the Parliament building.

It is noted that participants of the rally on Rustaveli Avenue in Tbilisi for the construction of the barrier put on the roadway, chairs, tables, trash cans.

“Some of the protesters from time to time attempting to move closer to the Parliament building, but riot does not give them that opportunity, again and again using tear gas,” — said the service.

On the spot also remain on duty ambulances.

According to the Georgian First channel, three patients affected by the action near the Parliament carried out an operation in the clinic named Ingorokva. It is also reported that the clashes injured journalists.

Силовики жестоко расправились с «майданом» в Грузии: «бронетехника и бесконечная стрельба», кадры побоища

All, according to the published data, affected person contains 52, of which 38 militiamen.

According to the Public broadcaster, the remaining protesters armed with stones, according to them, in self-defense. The place start to arrive the leaders of the opposition.

The leader of the opposition party “New Georgia,” Vashadze announced the gathering of the people June 21 at 19:00 on Rustaveli Avenue.

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“The fact that today the government has done is absolutely illegal act directed against the people. At 19:00 we will gather on Rustaveli Avenue, where you will acquaint the public with our plan for further action. Now it is important to know who arrested, who is in the hospital and in what condition,” — said Vashadze.

We will remind, in Tbilisi on Thursday began mass protests because of the scandal with the Russian deputies were in Parliament. One of the Russian — MP supports Russian aggression was in the speaker’s chair.

The opposition demanded the resignation of the speaker, the heads of the foreign and border service, and then tried to storm the Parliament.

Силовики жестоко расправились с «майданом» в Грузии: «бронетехника и бесконечная стрельба», кадры побоища

Recall, the police decided not to stand on ceremony with the protesters in Tbilisi: “hard sweep.”

As reported Politeka, it became known, how many injured in clashes between police and protesters in Tbilisi: digit increases, impressive shots.

Also Politeka wrote that the storming of the Parliament in Tbilisi escalated into a battle, shots fired: the number of victims is growing.