Secrets of a country residence Poroshenko: what happens in Zalesie (VIDEO)

Тайны загородной резиденции Порошенко: что происходит в Залесье (ВИДЕО)

In the official residence of the President of Petro Poroshenko “zalissia”, which had become a nature reserve, cut down trees, shoot the animal for sale and possibly arrange a VIP-hunting.

The journalists of the program “Groshi” was recognized as a presidential residence “zalissia”, intended for the reception and stay of foreign heads of state and senior state managers of Ukraine, earns millions by selling animals.

In particular, for sale are stags, deer, birds, and also game meat.

The reporters claim that he is familiar with the tax Declaration “Zalesie”, from which it follows that the state residence actively sell the wood at below market price. And it is not sold only fallen and diseased trees.

The residence area of 15 thousand hectares also sells deer, fallow-deer, quail, pheasants.

“In General, over the past five years in residence “zalissia” game shoot for 189 thousand — for many they have sold more than nine tons of meat… wild! The Director laughs — you don’t shoot!” — said in the story.

Director of residence Basil hricik says that animals don’t shoot for sale and the trees are cut down only the sick.

“Zalesye” is located 20 minutes drive from Kiev. In 2009 Viktor Yushchenko, who served as President, promised to make the residence open to all national Park, but it never happened.

Now zalese is subject to the “business elite of officials”, said the environmentalists journalists. September 6, at the residence of the President held a meeting with deputies of the faction “Block of Petro Poroshenko”.

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