Secret Story Benjamin Castaldi settles accounts with Christophe Beaugrand on Twitter – Here

Exit the cordiality between Benjamin Castaldi and Christophe Beaugrand, his successor at the head of Secret Story. Currently, the two hosts settle their accounts on Twitter.

This is the now – two years that Benjamin Castaldi has ceded his seat as the facilitator of Secret Story to Christophe Beaugrand. Two years, during which the two facilitators were benevolence one to the other by media interposed. When one wished the best to the other, an echo was done. Only here, in the little world of tv, the language of wood lasts only for a time, and our two facilitators, we decided to wash their dirty linen in public.

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There are a few minutes of this, following a tweet against the new season of Secret Story being broadcast on NT1 and against his ex-presenter Benjamin Castaldi, the latter recalled that it was him who had had managed to leave the ship, ironisant – to pass – on the hearings (all except right) of the program (with a nice little finger as a point). Witness this mockery, Christophe Beaugrand responded promptly, spoke directly to Benjamin Castaldi : “Not very fair-play, wrote the chronicler of 50 minutes inside. Me, who always says all the good I think of you as a moderator… not cool… really “Up, Benjamin Castaldi has not waited for hours before responding to Beaugrand :” I have to stop the fair play when I learn that I am a smash… While I spend my time to defend yourself… after a while… It goes… ” That’s all… For now !

Not very fair play, I always say what I think of you as a moderator… not cool really ?

— Christophe Beaugrand (@Tof_Beaugrand) November 10, 2017

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