Secret Story 11 : three new candidates arrived, and Charlene removed (for fake) – Here

Tonight, no one has been eliminated from Secret Story. Instead, the prod did get three new candidates and Charlene was chosen by the public in order to embed a secret room.

They are three, they are beautiful and most of all, they stand out. Cassandra – that doesn’t seem to be a light -, Benjamin and Shirley have a plan to “change the game” thanks to their ” strong character “. And as by chance : they are all there to “win, “”Secret Story”. Crazy. We regret a little that we have not found one that says ” Bad loser, me ? No. I love to lose. It is even my passion. My goal here, is to be eliminated next week. “However, the level of secret, it sends the wood. Not “I wear a denture at night” or “I speak to the ear of my yucca” : one of them has escaped a natural disaster, another failed to see his life switch at a funfair and the latter has participated twice in the olympic Games.

If Benjamin, Cassandra and Shirley will not be able to alarm the other candidates, they know all the secrets (and what else ? A laptop and a chopper ?), they will be able to investigate each other and they will also have a role to play in the story of Charlene. The friend of Benedict , was chosen by the viewers in order to embed a secret room, all white, which looks like a burial chamber (but everyone thinks it’s too beautiful). Cassandra is already back in the main house, in a mini-skirt and fishnet stockings, perfect outfit to investigate. Benjamin and Shirley will join him there and refine his strategy (if strategy there is) to spy on Benedict, ever closer to Barbara.

Finally, the evening was also punctuated by the red phone. Kamila has decided to self-nominate to life instead of Noré and Charlene. Barbara for her part avenged of Jordan sending in the SAS. And, last but not least, Tanya the panther was back tonight. After having said his four truths to Barbara, she has sung a title of his album on the shelf of the show. At the same time, we were told ” Tanya will give her the last blows of the claw “. It sounded like the teasing of an evening of bubbles, but no, not actually.

The moment of delirium of the day, by Barbara

Laura, I find it a bit of a bind. “Yes, it is normal, what.

The pearl of the premium, by Tanya

“Barbara, I will keep the memory of your dexterity to do the dishes. “

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