Secret Story 11 : Jordan could be dismissed for “unjustified absence” – Here

Upon his release from the house of secrets, Jordan may well find himself without a job. Absent for several weeks, for obvious reasons, a disciplinary board will examine his case tomorrow.

On the 1st of September last, the faithful viewers of Secret Story have made the acquaintance of Jordan. A young man of 28-year-old native of the North-Not of Calais (or, rather, of the Hauts de France), the good friend of the band. For the last several weeks, the blond meets the challenges of the Voice, dragouille his girlfriend Barbara, takes rakes, answers the red phone, made a small tour in the sas and escapes the elimination. But in ” real life “, the scenario is not really the same. Jordan could well take the door of the company that employs them.

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Before be a inhabitant of the house of secrets, Jordan is a driver of bus and tram in Valenciennes. And the newspaper the Voice of The North has revealed that his employer, the company Transvilles, was not at all happy with his employee. In fact, it would not have been aware of his participation in the famous game of NT1, ” The 5 [editor’s note: September], it was not presented in his post and since then, more news. We have seen that it was in the issue with the article in the Voice of The North. “, explained a person out of the box. The driver should have asked for a leave of absence without balances, which was refused by his direction, he would not have taken this decision into account, and could therefore be dismissed for ” unjustified absence “.

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His case will be considered tomorrow before the disciplinary council and Jordan will be defended by the delegate of the staff, ” He has been honest. He presented his project, he would have been able to be listened to […] In addition, it would have made a small pub in Transvilles. At the level of the customer, you have people who ask of his new. “. If the users can not do anything for its future in the transport company, they know the procedures to follow to offer additional days in the house of Secret Story. All is not lost, it is already that.

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