Secret cemetery discovered near the College: 86 corpses, mostly women

Тайное кладбище обнаружили возле колледжа: 86 трупов, в основном женщины

Scientists have unearthed an ancient cemetery on which buried people from different parts of Europe

Archaeologists have discovered a mass grave near College in Wales, reports gazeta.

The dead were lying in stone graves from ancient times, burial date from 400-800 years. In that period the Romans left Wales, plan to strengthen the province of modern France from the invasion of the barbarians.

Тайное кладбище обнаружили возле колледжа: 86 трупов, в основном женщины

Archaeologists excavated 86 graves. In most of the tombs were women. Scientists have suggested that people were not local, as their skeletons easily determine what they were like from different parts of Europe — Scandinavia, and Spain. The skeletons are well preserved due to the acidity of the soil.

Also in the graves were discovered many artifacts, among them a Roman coin with the image of the Emperor Anthony Pius (138-161). Also found the brooch early medieval style.

Тайное кладбище обнаружили возле колледжа: 86 трупов, в основном женщины

Recall that the archaeologists conducting excavations on the Islands with a rich history.

On the Orkney Islands (Scotland), namely Rauzi, scientists have discovered the ruins of the building of the Viking age. Archaeologists have dated the discovery of X-XII century, perhaps the room served as a Banquet hall, which belonged to a local chieftain Sigurd. The last known of the medieval “sagas of orknarok”, written in the XIII century.

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Тайное кладбище обнаружили возле колледжа: 86 трупов, в основном женщины

Rauzi island was inhabited by people since the stone age, as evidenced by the Neolithic settlement, the fortress construction (brohi) mounted on a shallow wooden platform (crannogs) and graves of the Vikings, who captured the Orkney Islands (including Rauzi) in the IX century.

From IX till the beginning of XIII century from the “sagas of orknarok” we know about the reign of the jarls and their relations with Norway. The Saga also refers to Sigurd from Westness (settlement on Rauzi), who was a close friend of the Earl PAL II. Jarl ruled the archipelago in the 1122-1136 years. From poetic tales it is known that PAL came to Sigurd at PIR, where he learned that the enemy gathers his army.

In the 60-ies of the last century, scientists have dug into Westness two graves from Viking burial boats. And archaeologists have found the grave in which was a young woman with a child. In addition, scientists have discovered Celtic jewelry — “westness brooch”, created approximately in 750 gold-vermeil.

Recall, the secret cemetery was found at the scene of a fierce battle: dozens of dead bodies.

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