Scrolling: the pros and cons of beauty treatments

How long does the effect, and all suitable procedure.

Мікроблейдинг: плюси і мінуси б&#039юті-процедури

A popular trend in cosmetics – scrolling – enables your eyebrows to look perfect more than six months, without taking time to care and correction. What’s the difference between the new treatments from well-known tattoo, and is it suitable for?

What is scrolling?

About two years ago appeared and stuck a new, modern method in cosmetology – scrolling. In fact, it’s the same eyebrow tattoo. This procedure is done with a special blade that looks like a brush with extremely thin needles. During the procedure, the skin drawn hairs, perfectly repeated structure natural. By the time the process lasts for forty minutes. Then take eyebrows the perfect shape, become more dense and spectacular, informs Rus.Media.

How long does the effect scrolling?

The dye does not fall deep under the skin, so remain on the face forever, and about six months, and sometimes the effect lasts up to six years. It all depends on skin type and the speed of its recovery. A month after surgery need to undergo additional correction.

All suitable procedure scrolling?

The need for such procedures arises when avnjuter or insufficient density. But there are contraindications. If you have oily skin, paint more quickly “move out” from the body. Poor blood clotting will also contribute to a washout of the dye during the correction. Contraindications pregnancy and some diseases associated with the immune system, eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.

Pain or no pain

Before you begin, beauticians numb the surgical site with ointments. But, as a rule, the intensity of the pain depends on individual pain threshold. Basically, women experience a rather unpleasant sensation, but quite tolerable.

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Too bright eyebrows

Do not worry if at the beginning of the eyebrow color will be too bright. Literally within weeks the pigment is pale and your eyebrows will be more natural vdtnese. Not fear, and a drastic color change, like with tattooing, greenish or blue tint. In addition, the dye washed out gradually and evenly.

Rules after dyeing

Prevention needs to make a light antibiotic therapy. In addition, the eyebrow is not recommended to wet during the week and avoid sun exposure. Still, experts recommend you first lubricate the eyebrow soothing sedative.

Now you can decide to do or not newfangled beauty procedure. But if in any doubt, consult the experts and decide the issue individually.

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