Scientists were stunned by the findings: named for the vegetable, which leads to dementia

Ученые ошеломили выводами: назван овощ, который приводит к слабоумию

The scientists told him what the vegetable can lead to dementia

Scientists from universities in Australia, USA, and Qatar came to the conclusion that spicy foods leads to dementia.

As noted by experts, people who love hot peppers, increases the risk for accelerated decline of cognitive functions in old age.

The researchers studied information about 5 thousand inhabitants of China, which was collected over 15 years.

Ученые ошеломили выводами: назван овощ, который приводит к слабоумию

In the beginning of the analysis the average age of participants was 63.5 years. The participants during the whole time have passed tests for intellectual ability, and filled the diaries in which they recorded everything that I ate.

Data analysis showed that eating spicy foods leads to rapid decline in cognitive functions. According to scientists, people who ate 50 grams of hot peppers (dried or fresh) every day, approximately two times increased risk of age-related memory disorders. These data are shown in comparison with those who did sharp not used.

The researchers suggest that the reason was the capsaicin, responsible for the sharp taste of pepper. Previously talked about the positive influence of this substance on the human body. For example, it was said that by eating pepper will normalize blood pressure. Furthermore, capsaicin helps in reducing weight. However, it is unknown what the cause of the negative impact of substances on the brain.

Ученые ошеломили выводами: назван овощ, который приводит к слабоумию

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