Scientists were able to neutralized the cancer cells

Ученым удалось обезвредили раковые клетки

Scientists from Switzerland managed to neutralize the cancer cells, turning them into regular fat

Researchers from the University of Basel in Switzerland conducted experiments on mice that implanted breast cancer cells, and the combination of the two drugs, turning them into fat cells, stopping metastasis.

The experiments of biologists was based on a process called epithelial-mesenchymal transition. Experts said that the cancer cells use this mechanism as well as the reverse (expressed mesenchymal-epithelial transition) to spread throughout the body.

Ученым удалось обезвредили раковые клетки

Cancer cells marked with green fluorescent protein in the left part of the image, red fat cells. The brown blocks on the right side is converted to fat cancer cells.

“We are talking about the transition of cells of the epithelial tissue that lines body surface, including mucous membranes of internal organs, in the mesenchyme — a set of cells of mesodermal origin. Cells of the mesenchyme mawei ways to become other — for example, in connective tissue or blood vessels”, — stated in the message.

The researchers inoculated mice with an aggressive form of cancer of the human breast, and for the treatment used a combination of two drugs: rosiglitazona (used against diabetes) and tramline that has anti-cancer properties. These two agents stopped both transitions caused by a process known as lipogenesis — the conversion to fat cells.

“The effectiveness of such therapy is not absolute: not all cancer cells have turned into fat, but modified not applied to the original form,” — said in the message.

First author Gerhard Christopher noted another important feature of transformed cells no longer proliferatively, that is growing.

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The study authors reported that both drugs already approved by management on sanitary inspection behind quality of foodstuff and medicines of the USA. This simplifies the procedure of clinical trials, which should begin in the near future.

Ученым удалось обезвредили раковые клетки

The researchers emphasized that if they pass successfully, this treatment can be combined with chemotherapy to more effectively get rid of the cancer.

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