Scientists told the whole truth about acupuncture

Ученые рассказали всю правду об иглоукалывании

Various methods of treatment and medical procedures there are more and they are not always yield positive results

Acupuncture (needle therapy) is a healing practice of traditional Chinese medicine.
The method involves the impact on the health and the human condition through special needles, which are stuck into specific points on the body. Proponents of acupuncture believe that these points are on meridians through which flows vital energy Qi. Acupuncture is used for relieving pain syndromes.

What does the research say? Edition AMA Oncology published results of a study which aims to determine the efficiency of acupuncture for pain relief in women with breast cancer.

Ученые рассказали всю правду об иглоукалывании

Patient (all at the time of menopause) had suffered from pain in the joints, which was a side effect of the aromatase inhibitors (a substance lowers the level of estrogen in the blood). None of the patients were not assigned to the opioid analgesics and not one of them have had acupuncture previously.

The experimental group used the traditional course of acupuncture twice in 14 days 1.5 months. Patients from the control group were divided into two subgroups. The first prescribed treatment similar to the experimental group, while the second was applied pseudo-acupuncture — that is the order and sections for needles, which were introduced in the body of the patients, chosen at random.

In the result the subjects of the experimental group reported that their condition had improved significantly in contrast to the other two groups. However, experts have doubts that the information received may make certainty about the benefits of the method.

In results for 2008, speaks about the other side regarding the effectiveness of acupuncture. Scientists have concluded that pseudo-acupuncture professional acupuncture had the same results in both groups of subjects.

Today there are researchers who believe that the effect of professional acupuncture differs little from the conservative analgesics, and this method cannot be attributed to placebo. Some of the recent studies (2017) on this topic revealed that the analgesic effect of acupuncture to last about a year without any decline.

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Ученые рассказали всю правду об иглоукалывании

Each of the tests has not achieved an unambiguous assessment, therefore, doctors cannot recommend acupuncture as a palliative treatment for severe diseases.

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