Scientists told how to lose weight once and for all: “it’s simple”

Ученые рассказали, как похудеть раз и навсегда: "все просто"

Scientists have uncovered the secret to a perfect figure

Scientists from the Medical College of Georgia has declassified that prevents people from to be slim and athletic. But this is not the case when you can relax.

So, the scientists say that it is not necessary to go all out to count calories and chase the numbers on the scales or inches. The main thing that affects our physique is muscle.

Ученые рассказали, как похудеть раз и навсегда: "все просто"

American doctors offer everyone to go to the gym, to build muscle mass and strength. This will improve health and finally lose weight.

And the explanation is: the developed muscles consume a lot of energy and oxygen, actively spend glucose from the blood. And bad, on the contrary, cause a violation of appetite. So we acquire fat.

Earlier we wrote that the diet you need to follow properly and in this issue will help a few rules. Nutritionist Valentine Ivushkina, referring to doctors of medicine, on the page in Instagram gave a few recommendations for weight loss.

It is important to realize that the accumulation of weight contribute to a weakened digestion, the pancreas is depleted and the accumulation slisu. The process of losing weight involves a few rules:

Say “no” starvation. You need to follow a diet and the body must be nice to lose weight. Stress, hungry fainting and tremor not spreat.Soups and broths should be in the diet at least three or four times a week. This food is light but nourishing, it promotes the metabolism and gives the energy you need. Can they eat a slice of yeast bread.

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Svejeprigotovlenny need to eat a heat processed food, morning and evening, always. This food is good and accelerates metabolism, as opposed to raw. Fruits and juices — cooled pancreas and inhibit weight loss.

Ученые рассказали, как похудеть раз и навсегда: "все просто"

At least once a week, you need to eat legumes that absorb the fat. Only 25% of the diet should be raw food before dinner.

Also wikiplaces drink water, cleans the stomach lining from the mucus, blood, and tissue. Water, cold, should not stand more than a day, because it start bacteria. Potatoes and pasta eat in small quantities.

Recall, products that are considered useful, you can’t eat for Breakfast: the results of the study.

As reported Politeka, you can get rid of thick calves without training.

Also Politeka wrote that doctors told whether it is possible to soar feet with mustard during a cold.