Scientists: the Mummy alien of Peru – not fake

Recently the media disseminated information about the sensational discovery of archaeologists in Nazca, located in Peru. Scientists confirm the mummies found there are not fake.

Currently the findings are being studied by forensic experts. The humanoids irregular shape heads and limbs disproportionately long fingers. However, their hands are tridactyl. The eyes of them during his lifetime was very wide and nose small. The ears were absent.

Researchers ozadachil that found in the cave of the mummies bedspreads strange white dust. After they were discovered, a number of scientists said, in their opinion, it’s an elaborate fake that used the remains of ancient people.

At the same time, some specialists have already staked their scientific name, stating that humanlike creatures of similar appearance are not yet known. Most probably this is the burial of strangers. In addition to significant differences in appearance, the creatures found significantly fewer vertebrae than humans.

Pre-installed, covered them with the substance known as silicon soil, accelerating the process of mummification. In addition, it has antiseptic properties and can repel insects.

The fact that the aliens in ancient times had visited Earth, confirmed found yesterday in the Puerto Rico petroglyphs. A message with a photo of the face of an alien placed the portal VistaNews.

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