Scientists: the Black sea could become a “dead” body of water

Ученые: Черное море может превратиться в «мертвый» водоем

Scientists predict that in a few years the Black sea can turn into a fetid swamp, this is evidenced by high level of hydrogen sulphide in water.

Environmentalists believe the problem is more than relevant, writes the edition Planet-today.

In the late 19th century, oceanographers have noticed a very specific feature of the Black sea hydrogen sulfide, which was full almost the entire pond.

Oceanographic expedition of Joseph Spindler after several studies found that 10% of the sea are clean and not contaminated.

For the current period there is no reason to panic, as the sulfide occurs only on the bottom of the sea does not rise up, therefore, the threat of turning him into swamp no. However, after a few decades it will be inevitable, if not prevented.

Russian scientist Konstantin Zgurovsky said that global warming is now rapidly making itself felt, so it is impossible to exclude a variant in which the Black sea could become a “dead” body of water in 50 years, maybe sooner. This problem should be studied in detail now, the expert explained.

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