Scientists: the Ability of geckos to regenerate will help people to treat the back

Scientists believe that a detailed study of the ability of geckos to regenerate will help you to find the method of treatment of the back in humans. They said that if we can recover over time, stem cells in the body, it will be possible to treat the musculoskeletal system of the person using the new method.

Scientists have become interested in lizards because they can re-grow a lost tail. This time the researchers for their observations took in leopard geckos. It is noted that their tail is no longer even with the slight touch.

Scientists have found that after the loss of the tail in the body of the animals begins to actively produce stem cells, which consequently accumulate at the rupture site. Geckos actively shape the protein, after which the stem cells are multiplied several times. Scientists expect to find the formation mechanism of stem cells in the human body, so no problems were able to cure diseases related to musculoskeletal disorders. Stem cells are mainly produced in humans at the stage of embryonic development, and then over time, the number of generating cells decreases.

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