Scientists stunned statement: this vitamin causes cancer

Ученые ошеломили заявлением: этот витамин вызывает рак

Previously it was thought that some vitamins are excreted from the body, but recent studies have shown the opposite

Previously, scientists assumed that the water-soluble vitamins C and excreted with urine, because it was believed that they are unable to cause harm.However, as it turns out, all is not so simple. This was announced by the Professor at the Institute of nutrition at the University clinic of Schleswig-Holstein Martin Smolich.

At the moment there is evidence that b vitamins — B6, B9 or B12 have an increased risk of lung cancer. First of all, it threatens the smokers.

Research on this issue published in scientific journal International Journal of Cancer.

Ученые ошеломили заявлением: этот витамин вызывает рак

Scientists have made the analysis of 20 individual works that have been devoted to the relationship between the content of vitamin B12 in the blood with the risk of lung cancer.

As a result, the researchers found: the more of vitamin B12, the higher was the risk of developing lung cancer. Through genetic analysis, it was found that some types of genes contribute to the increase of B12 in the blood.

You need to remember – the risk of cancer increases if to take large doses of B12.

So, according to experts, people have increased the risk of cancer, when daily dose was more than 55 mcg (if smokers would use such doses, the risk of lung cancer increased them in 3-4 times).

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The German society for nutrition recommends to use 4 ág of vitamin B12 per day with food. And according to the Federal Institute for risk assessment, maximum dosage of drugs B12 should not exceed 25 micrograms.

Ученые ошеломили заявлением: этот витамин вызывает рак

Currently in pharmacies sell drugs that contain B12 up to 1000 mcg.

The mechanism of the effect of vitamin B12 on the occurrence of lung cancer is still unexplored. Smolich there are several theories, such as group plays a role in DNA, leading to epigenetic changes. And also a big influence B12 causes the tumor or precursor cells can obtain a lot of nutrients for their growth.

When there is a B12 deficiency, it can be taken in large doses in a certain period of time, until the problem is resolved. However, taking B12 in large doses is dangerous to health.

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